Half Term Holiday Monday 22nd October to 26th October 2018. Staff Training Day on Monday 29th October. Reception Open Days (for children starting school in September 2019) Friday 9th November 10 am to 11 am & Friday 16th November 2pm to 3pm
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Cedars Manor School Cedars Manor school is a happy place where expectations are high and individuals are valued.

Design Technology

Design Technology

At Cedars Manor School we follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study.

We study a range of areas including Mechanisms, Structures, Textiles and Electrical systems, based on planning advice from the Design and Technology Association (DATA). Each year group undertakes a food technology project and this is supported by resources from “Food a Fact of Life”. We have a Food Technology Room where we also run a “Let’s Get Cooking” club after school, to promote healthy eating and an interest in cooking.

Our lessons cover:


·         Understanding contexts, users and purposes

·         Generating, developing, modelling and communicating ideas


·         Planning

·         Practical skills and techniques


·         Own ideas and products

·         Existing products

·         Key events and individuals

Technical Knowledge

·         Making products work

Cooking and Nutrition

·         Where food comes from

·         Food preparation, cooking and nutrition


Often our DT projects link with other curriculum areas, for example with our electricity topic in Science.

To engage families with their children’s DT learning we organise whole school competitions. In the last year we have asked pupils to design a pair of glasses for a specific person, in order to popularise wearing our glasses in school. More recently we have staged The Great Cedars Bake Off to raise money for WaterAid. The competition was in three separate stages: Pupils, Staff and Governors and Family Members.