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Let's Get Cooking

We are not yet ready to start the next round of Let’s Get Cooking Club but read on below to find out about the last experience! Keep looking here for updates or speak to Mrs Silva.




The aim of the club is to teach young people and their families new cooking skills. We will do lots of cooking and prepare plenty of tasty dishes that they can take home and hopefully make again.


The club this term is open to all pupils in Year 3 and will be run by Mrs Silva and Mrs Frawley.


The Let's Get Cooking club sessions will run from :




Children will be cooking and preparing healthy nutritious food and learning how to prepare food safely and attractively.

  • Members of the club are asked to pay £10 to help cover the costs of ingredients and may be asked to provide lunch boxes to take their food home in. (Please do not send money now)
  • The sessions will take place in our new Specialist Teaching room.


As always, we expect the club to be very popular and we have limited places so it will be run on a first come first serve basis.


We would also like family members to get involved with our Let’s Get Cooking club. You might like to join in and learn a few new cooking skills yourself or help with the club sessions.


You must not assume you have a place in the club until you have been given another letter confirming your child’s place and asking their dietary requirements and for payment.

Lets Get Cooking Celebration 13th December 2017

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