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Summer Term 2

This half term you will be exploring a new Design and Technology topic. This topic is called Beach Huts and is linked to learning about the seaside. You will be using your creative skills to learn all about beach huts, observing, drawing, painting and finally constructing your very own. 


A Rainbow for Hope

During this time, it is really important to give yourself time to do something that makes you feel happy and encourages creativity.  As some of you might know, people all around the UK have been making rainbows to show support for the NHS and then placing them by the window. 

This is one that I have made.  It is very simple to make, all you need is:

- Yellow, blue and red paint

- A paintbrush

- Something to paint on e.g. a piece of card, paper or canvas

- If you mix yellow and blue together it = green, if you mix red and yellow together it = orange and if you mix red and blue together it = purple.


If you decide to paint a rainbow, send it to our year group email address and I will post it on the website for all to see. 


Miss Price 


A Rainbow for Hope