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Welcome to Cedars Manor's ART and DESIGN page


Have you missed visiting a museum?


Did you know you can take a virtual tour around many of the great Museums - why not visit the Greeks or the Egyptians? 

You could also head over to Amsterdam to Visit the Van Gogh Museum and look at all of his amazing paintings. 


What are you waiting for? Take a virtual tour...



Would you like to go on an art adventure?

Learn about different artists?

See more art videos? Draw, paint or make something?


Tate Kids has lots of different activities on their website: Why not take a look.



Whole School Art and Design Activities

8. The Craft Train: Outdoor Fun, Garden Art 20.07.20

FS / KS1 / KS2

Explore nature in the garden and create fantastic art

8. Visit Roald Dahl's Wonderful Website 13.07.20

F/S KS1 / KS2

Explore the wonderful world of Roald Dahl, there are lots of very exciting activities to try. 

7. Access Art:The Nonna Maria Drawing Challenge 06.07.20

F/S KS1 / KS2

Take part in the Nonna Maria drawing challenge.

6. BBC Bitesize 29.06.20 

FS / KS1 / KS2

Try some of the Art and Design or Design and Technology activities.

Select your age and explore the wonderful activities. 


5. English Heritage Art & Design Activities 22.06.20

FS / KS1 / KS2

This week, why not try some exciting activities from the English Heritage website. There are lots of fantastic art activities to try. 

4. BBC Art and Design 15.06.20

KS1 / KS2

This week, visit the BBC Art and Design page (Just click on the link below), there are several art activities for you to try. Why not give some of them a go. 

Have fun!

3. Making Faces 08.06.20

EYFS / KS1 / KS2

Did you know that you can create art out of anything? Have you ever tried to create a portrait using fruit and vegetables? 

Why not give it a try? Click on the link for the project page. 



A huge well done to Shuaib in Year 6 and his sister who created this amazing easel. It would be fantastic to share even more of your wonderful creations, so do remember to send them to your teachers using SHOWBIE. 

Shuaib - Year 6