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At Cedars pupils study the work of a range of artists through each of the projects they do. We have worked with professional artists including Nina Gebauer on larger than life 3D willow sculptures, Michelle Dibdin a felt artist and Paul Priestley who presents himself as a famous artist – in this case Vincent Van Gogh, and leads pupils through a day studying the work of, and working in the style of,  the character he is portraying.

Projects are planned around the development of key skills in the areas of Exploring and Developing Ideas, Evaluating and Developing Work, Drawing, Digital Media, Painting, Printing, Textiles, 3D and Collage. Activities may accumulate to develop a finished piece of art work, and sometimes they stand alone so that pupils learn to appreciate art for different reasons.

The concept of having a sketch book is introduced in KS1 so that by KS2 pupils are used to taking a more exploratory approach to art.

We have a designated art space and enjoy a wide range of resources. Pupils are also encouraged to produce art work at home so drawing pads and other creative materials are available from our Stationery Shop and as rewards for good behaviour.