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September 2018 -2019


What does Computing look like at Cedars Manor School (CMS)?


1. Our approach to Computing:



As a school, we are continuing to deliver the computing curriculum as both stand-alone lessons, which enable teachers to ensure whole-class engagement, participation and up-skilling of techniques needed and peer assistance from the more able pupils; and as an integrated subject within other subjects across the curriculum.


There is a small ICT suite in the school that is used for small groups to consolidate learning.


In our new building Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have a bank of brand new learning pads that each class may book out and use in class. In Key Stage 2 the children are lucky enough to have access to a bank of 30 brand new laptops that they may book out and use whenever they wish.


Each classroom has an Interactive Smartboard (IWB) which is actively used throughout the day, as well as a maximum of two extra computers for pupils to utilise as and when needed – encouraging independent use of ICT for research and as an additional tool for subject-specific online tasks. The whiteboards are all new and accessible by all pupils as they can be lowered for use by smaller children.


The ICT leader is investigating whether it is possible to run an after school Photography club.


2. The Computing Curriculum:



The computing curriculum is very much about allowing pupils the opportunity to learn about the coding and programming side of Computing. The scheme of work we are following at CMS includes the Rising Stars: Switched On Computing and Purple Mash. As a school, we are encouraging pupils to be interested in the application side of Computing and not just the consumer side. Pupils are reacting positively to the innovative approach to ICT and are fully engaged and interested in what goes on behind the scenes; particularly with game-making.


3. ICT across the curriculum:


The use of Computing is encouraged across the curriculum and is embedded in many lessons. It is seen through pupils’ interaction with online tasks on pupil PCs in the classroom and through teacher-led activities on the IWB, as well as the use of digital technology (cameras) to provide evidence of group-work/drama opportunities across different subjects.



4. E-Safety:



E-Safety is something we take very seriously at CMS. The ICT leader administers a half termly assembly to remind pupils of the importance of keeping E-Safe. This is usually followed by a lesson back in class and a reminder issued in the newsletter for both parents and pupils.


5. School Website:


We are continuing to develop the school website to highlight our excellent skills in Computing around the school.


Why don't you explore your Class Page and the the rest of the site which includes educational games and let us know what you think.

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