School finishes on Friday 19th July at 2pm. Children return to school on Tuesday 3rd September 2019
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Let's Get Cooking

The brand new Summer term 2 Let's Get Cooking sessions have begun with year 3, the children are already enjoying the new food challenges that are happening.


Please feel free to try the recipes for this term below.

Great effort in Cooking club making fishcakes! Well done all!

Making delicious gucamole and salmon dip

The Let's Get Cooking club has ended for Summer 1 term, the children have gained a lot of lifelong skills and tried so many new and varied foods!


A well done to all!


The recipes for this term are located below, please feel free to try them at home.

Making delicious and easy pizza!

Lemon and raspberry muffins

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Fruity yoghurt cups

Chicken noodle soup

Easy peasy pizza