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Maths displays at Cedars Manor School

Our approach to Mathematics

At Cedars Manor School we love Mathematics and see it as an essential life skill. We are committed to ensuring that children have a positive and meaningful experience of Mathematics throughout the school. We offer a curriculum that secures essential knowledge and skills whilst giving the children the children may opportunities to use and apply their mathematical skill across the curriculum, through real life problem solving and mathematical investigations.

Mental Maths and Maths Passports

It is important that children master all the basic skills in maths so that they can continue to build on these and become successful mathematicians.



Mathletics is one of the most popular global maths websites (, with over 40,000 students using the site every day from around the world. There are over 1000 learning activities covering primary mathematics. Mathletics is designed to inspire children with the desire to learn and the confidence to succeed!

The programme allows children to choose activities to do however teachers can also set activities that children must do before they go on to choose their own. Part of the advantage of Mathletics is that children can use their logon at home if they have access to the internet.

Here is what Mathletics is all about:

  • Exciting, global Live competition
  • Set tasks to encourage independent learning
  • Thousands of adaptive curriculum activities with an animated support centre
  • Times Tables Toons
  • Immediate feedback
  • Inbuilt reward system to encourage confidence and improvement
  • Very easy to use
  • Provides the perfect link between home and school
  • The program is based upon adaptive learning thus students can learn at their own pace.

Calculations and the Calculation policy

At Cedars School we recognise that children need a range of calculation strategies which are efficient, accurate and reliable. Through our carefully developed calculation policy children are given a 'toolkit' of strategies which enable them to calculate confidently. Some of these methods will look different to the methods you were taught as a child. Please feel free to come in and ask questions about the methods we are using or see the calculation policy.

Times Tables

As a general rule the following programme of learning tables should apply to most children:


Year 2                                    2, 5 and 10

Year 3                                    3, 4, and 8

Year 4                                    All tables to be known working towards instant recall.

Year 5 and 6                        thorough knowledge of all tables expected, together with the ability to recall them instantly and recall related decimal times tables facts.


Mathematics across the curriculum

Numeracy is a key skill in students' learning and all learners are entitled to quality experiences in this area. The teaching of Numeracy is the responsibility of all staff at Cedars Manor School and this policy further supports the school's drive for consistency in approaches to Numeracy across the curriculum. Our aim is to raise the achievement of all learners in the school by seeking to develop their Numerical skills by consistent and accurate application across the curriculum. We believe that Numeracy can be consolidated and enhanced when pupils have opportunities to apply and develop them across the curriculum.












Cedars Manor School calculation policy