As the weather is getting colder, all children must bring a coat to school. They should also bring an extra fleece/jumper to wear in school as the windows are open. This can be any colour and should stay in school.
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Summer Term 2 

13.7.20 Learn about the Buddhist story of Prince Siddhartha and the Swan. Think about why it is important to look after animals.

1.6.20: All about Buddhism

15.6.20 The Birth of Budha: Read through the powerpoint and use the Espresso link to complete this learning

Summer Term 1

20.4.20: Use the Go-givers 'Getting to Know you' sheets to make a factfile all about yourself.

4.5.20 I Am an Amazing Person! Copy the picture and complete the sentences in your workbook. You can draw yourself in the basket!

11.5.20 Copy and complete the 'I am special' sheet in your workbook

18.5.20: We do acts of kindness around the school, in the playground and at home, asking others 'how are you today' or 'are you having a nice day.' Kind comments can really make someone's day. Please complete the sheet below in your workbook. And remember to do an act of kindness today!!