As the weather is getting colder, all children must bring a coat to school. They should also bring an extra fleece/jumper to wear in school as the windows are open. This can be any colour and should stay in school.
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At Cedars Manor School we follow the Harrow Agreed Syllabus. The Harrow Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education provides the structure for the planning of the curriculum. In line with national guidelines it stresses learning about religion and from religion, but does not at any point try to persuade anyone to join or convert to a religion. Please see the document below:



In RE we study a range of religions, including their beliefs and celebrations. We look at the influence religion has, on people’s lives, and the development of a religions and moral vocabulary. We have a range of visits to places of worship, and stories from different religions feature in our assembly programme. We also encourage visits from speakers from different faiths.

Agreed Harrow Syllabus for RE