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At Cedars Manor School we follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science.


Each year group studies a different scientific topic over each half term and these can be seen in the Curriculum Overview.  For example Year 1 are presently studying the Human body and Year 2 are studying Health and Growth. Within each unit further objectives and descriptors  can be found within the Curriculum Overview.


Scientific enquiry is taught all year around.


We use the local environment and observations of the world around us to enhance our scientific study. We learn scientific vocabulary, and how to use scientific equipment appropriately. We recognise the importance of practical and investigative activities and plan these into our curriculum. Visits might include the Natural History Museum, and a local environmental centre. We also encourage visitors into school, such as astronomers, and experts on rocks.


Mr Ginsberg is a Science STEM ambassador and works in the school as a volunteer promoting Science 4 days a week


See Curriculum Overview for details of topics covered and progression. This can be found in the tab - National Curriculum Planning.