Harrow is now in Tier 2. This means that school will stay open. However, you must not meet with people outside of your household or support bubble indoors.
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w/c 04.05.2020

Remember, you can do the tasks in any order you like - you may want to leave the 'outdoor' maths activity for a sunny day!

Monday 4th May 2020

Today's Maths lesson is based on a fun game you can play using a pack of cards (or you can make your own set of 1-10 cards). Watch the video of young Amber taking you through the rules of the game. Good luck and have fun! TAKE PICTURES AND SEND TO YOUR TEACHER OR STICK IN YOUR HOME LEARNING BOOKS.

Maths card game - can you make 24?

This is a game played with a pack of playing cards, with picture cards removed. Ace is worth 1 and each other card is worth the digit on the front. You have to shuffle the cards and each player gets 4 random cards. Then using the four number operations ( + - / x ) you need to see if you can make 24! If you can't make 24, the one with the nearest amount wins that round. Don't worry if you don't have a pack of cards, you can write down 1-10 four times on small pieces of paper and shuffle them before choosing four random cards!

Tuesday and Wednesday Maths is about placing the decimal point accurately before completing any addition or subtraction sums.

Thursday 7th May 2020:

You don't have to use twigs, you can make this pattern using anything from the house (but ask for permission first) and it doesn't have to be tied together, just overlapping: it can be done inside or outside. Take pictures and send to your teachers via email or Showbie.

Send pictures by email or on showbie of what you managed to do!

Thursday 7th May 2020 - MATHS!