Harrow is now in Tier 2. This means that school will stay open. However, you must not meet with people outside of your household or support bubble indoors.
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w/c 11.05.2020

Monday's Maths game - Multiplication 4 in a row

In this game we use a multiplication grid and a different colour pen for each player, to play 4 in a row. Each player fills in a square on the grid and the aim is to make a line with 4 answers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you don't have a blank multiplication grid, you can make one!

You can print the blank multiplication grid if you want for Monday's lesson - the completed grid is here too if anyone needs it, but you also have the same grid in your planners if you get stuck!

Tuesday's lesson is all about LOWEST COMMON MULTIPLES! It's not as difficult as it sounds - have a go!

Wednesday's lesson is about finding FACTORS OF NUMBERS! Just follow my example.

Thursday's OUTDOOR Maths

Use string or wool or chalk instead of a hoop!