As the weather is getting colder, all children must bring a coat to school. They should also bring an extra fleece/jumper to wear in school as the windows are open. This can be any colour and should stay in school.
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W/C 20.4.20

Our new topic in science is 'Animals Including Humans'. This week we will be recapping parts of the body. We did this at the beginning of the year so you should be experts! Start by singing along with 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' with Mr Tumble. After that please work your way through the PowerPoint and then label the parts of the body on the worksheet. Once you have finished please take a picture and send it into the year group email address so we can see your lovely work. Good luck!

Mr Tumble Songs | Head, shoulders, knees and Toes

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special to this nursery rhyme, Head, shoulders, knees and toes! For more songs from Mr Tumble try this playlist -...