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w/c 15.06.2020

Hello Year 5!

This week we will be looking at Volume of solids - particularly Cubes & Cuboids!

Math Antics - Volume - STOP @7mins 12seconds

This video gives you a good visual aid when trying to understand VOLUME. Like he says, don't worry if some of the vocabulary is a bit different, the calculation is the same: e.g. when he talks about 'RECTANGULAR PRISM', you will be thinking, "Why isn't he calling it a CUBOID?" It's the same thing, the maths is what's important. STOP @7mins 12seconds so you don't get confused as we do not need to work out the volume for everything, just cubes and cuboids this year.

Click on these BBC Bitesize links to give you a quick overview of how to work out volume of cubes and cuboid if you don't want to watch the video.

Wednesday's Maths is on MyMaths

Thursday's Challenge Tasks - click on the images and answer the ones you can.

12a) False 17cm³ & 12b) False (24cm³)
No! 5x4x5=100cm³
They both have the same volume.
No. It will be 23cm³
Think about the inverse operation!