Harrow is now in Tier 2. This means that school will stay open. However, you must not meet with people outside of your household or support bubble indoors.
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Week 7 18.5.20

We are moving on to a different topic this week and next week and it is.... Multiplication and Division. The key vocabulary needed for this week is: sharing, equal groups, non equal groups, lots of, multiply, repeated addition and equals to.


Little reminders:

  • Log on to TTRS and reach for a new high score
  • Log on to My Maths and complete activities set by your teacher
  • Watch the daily videos from White Rose to help you with your learning
  • Go on to BBC Bitesize and watch daily videos and complete activities to support your learning
  • Lesson 1 Blue is slightly easier than Lesson 1 so if you are struggling, choose an easier challenge to complete
  • Have fun! laugh

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