As the weather is getting colder, all children must bring a coat to school. They should also bring an extra fleece/jumper to wear in school as the windows are open. This can be any colour and should stay in school.
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Week 9 8.6.20

WC 8.6.20


It is the perfect time to go out and explore all of the beautiful flowers and plants during the Summer.  For your activity this week, there are some exciting options.  The first activity involves building a 'mud kitchen' - this could be in the park or in a garden.  Gather some sticks, grass, flowers and make something exciting.  The next activity involves PLANTING... It would be really nice if you could find some seeds to plant and watch them grow.  I have included 'sweet peas' as these are currently in season and grow quickly.

We hope you enjoy! laugh


How to Grow Sweet Peas from Seed

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