School finishes at the usual time of 3.20pm today. Half Term holiday is Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February. The school is closed on Monday 25th February for staff training
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Cedars Manor School Cedars Manor school is a happy place where expectations are high and individuals are valued.

Who's Who


Mrs R Hastings

Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Brownsell

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs D Tilney - Phase Leaders

Mr G Gibson - Strategic Lead for Inclusion

Nursery Teacher

Mrs P Kanji

Nursery Support Staff

Mrs M Lee

Mrs W Owen

Reception Teachers

Mrs D Tilney

Miss S Shaba

Miss M Babbar

Mrs L Patel

Reception Support Staff

Mrs C Pulford

Ms S Frawley

Miss H Smith

Mrs S D'Souza

Year 1 Teachers

Miss Z Aslam

Mr T Curry

Year 1 Support Staff

Mrs L Barrie

Mrs C Bradley

Year 2 Teachers

Miss M Hylton

Ms L Blennerhassett

Year 2 Support Staff

Miss Y Ismail

Mrs H Marks

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs A Payne

Miss R Polkinghorne

Miss E Brice

Year 3 Support Staff

Mrs H Chaudhry

Mrs T Barry

Year 4 - Teachers

Miss E Adler

Mrs R De Souza

Mrs C Maurice

Year 4 Support Staff

Mrs S Woolley

Ms L Crowe

Year 5 Teachers

Ms Taylor

Ms Hettema

Mrs J Smeulders

Year 5 Support Staff

Mrs T Phillips

Year 6 Teachers

Miss H Elsawy

Mrs K Hartland

Miss R Lyons

Year 6 Support Staff

Miss R Smith

Mr O Parkinson

Mrs L Hustler

Teachers of the Deaf

Val Grover

Nicky Casey

Music Co-ordinator

Mr T Smith

SEN Support Teachers

Mr G Gibson

Ms U O'Gara

Sports Co-ordinator

Mr R Kirtley

Pupil Premium Teacher

Mrs C Bailey

Support Teachers

Mrs M Abbott

Ms S Rashid

Pupil Premium Support

Mrs M Bellis

Intervention Support

Mrs C Bradley

Mrs L Crowe

Mrs T Phillips

MFL (French) Teacher

Madame Louzanne

HLTA Staff

Miss B Reilly

Mrs C Carroll

Mrs V Hau

Mrs C Bradley

Learning Mentors

Mrs I Dar

Mrs S Harman

Reception/ Front Office

Mrs M Lawrence - Parent Liaison Officer


Mrs P Christides - Finance Officer

Ms V Rose - Data and Communications Officer

Mrs T Dawes - Attendance Officer

Welfare/ Resources

Mrs K Evans

Library/ Resources

Mrs K Read

ICT Technician

Ms C Bromwich

Premises and Income Manager

Mr A Royce

Midday Supervisors

Mr P Shwalbe - SMSA Manager

Mrs S Khan

Mrs S Chouhan

Mrs G Daniel

Mrs F Elmi

Mrs S Khan

Mrs G Litesh

Mrs L Turton

Mrs J Wilce

Mrs J Mohan

Ms J Moy

Nrs R Nuur

Mrs M Parmar

Mrs A Savva

Mrs Y Thakrar

Breakfast Club

Mrs B Arthur

Mrs C Bradley

Mrs A Howard

Mrs K Rivers

After School Club

Mr D Jadeja

Miss G Flannigan