School finishes at the usual time of 3.20pm today. Half Term holiday is Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February. The school is closed on Monday 25th February for staff training
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Year 5

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The year 5 trip to St Albans! Writing activites, role play and dressing up were all on the agenda

Timestables and Divison Top Trumps game

Year 5 reading with your child parent advice

Cedars Manor: Year 5 and 6 Spelling Words

Cedars Manor Guide to Boosting Vocabulary

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Year 5 Spring Term Topic Web 2019

Week beginning 11th February 2019


Maths this week: The students will be taking an in-depth look at fractions and decimals.


English this week:  The class will be tasked with expanding on their setting descriptions and writing a conversation piece between themselves and who they meet in their setting, with a focus on vocabulary and correct punctuation.


SPaG Term of the Week: Present Perfect Tense: The present perfect is a verb tense which is used to show that an action has taken place once or many times before now. The present perfect is most frequently used to talk about experiences or changes that have taken place. E.G "I have seen that film many times." "Or he has seen that film many times."