Our last day of term is Friday 5th April - school closes at 2pm. We return to school on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.
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Year 6

On this page you can see what your child is learning each term.

W/b 25/03


Maths this week: Children will be using their arithmetic and reasoning skills to answer SATs style papers.


English this week: We will be identifying phrases and clauses in a sentence and text.


SPaG term of the week: Passive voice-A sentence is written in the passive voice when the subject of the sentence has something done to it by someone or something, For example: The mouse was being chased by the cat.

Spring 2 HOMEWORK GRID for Year 6!


The year 6 team would like to say a HUGE 'Well Done' to everyone who has tried really  hard to hand-in beautiful pieces of homework. They year 6 staff have been praising students for their high quality pieces and dedication to improve week on week. Some students have really embraced 'Family Week' and have showcased wonderful write-ups or included a photo diary of what they did as a family. It has been a pleasure to read and mark their homework, and I hope everyone will up their game and continue to make us proud of them this half term.

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