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                                           Copies of Literacy work for each group.

(You will have paper copies in your pack)


If you feel that your child needs extra challenge , please look at the work of another group for ideas.

Please e-mail if you need guidance.

Phonics play

Some interactive games that will help the children to learn and practise the phonemes that we are learning at school.

username: march20

password: home


Phonics play comics

A series of comics with decodable words for the children to practise reading words.

Literacy games:  

Help a hedgehog.  

This game helps children  decode and blend to read words. 


Hanging monkeys

A game where you need to match each picture to a 3 letter word.



Listen and choose the last sound you can hear in a word. 


Garden leaves

A game to reinforce listening for the last sound heard in a word.