So lovely to see so many children back in school.
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Cedars Manor School Embrace the Future

Who's Who


Mrs R Hastings

Deputy Headteacher

Dr. S. Gilani

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs D Tilney

Mrs S Ozdemir

Nursery Teacher

Miss S Shaba

Nursery Support Staff

Mrs C Pulford

Mrs W Owen

Reception Teachers

Mrs D Tilney

Mrs P Kanji

Reception Support Staff

Mrs S Harman

Mrs M Lee

Mrs A Howard

Miss H Smith

Year 1 Teachers

Miss E Caine

Miss R Edmondson

Year 1 Support Staff

Mrs S Proctor

Mrs S Frawley

Year 2 Teachers

Miss M Hylton

Miss H Price

Year 2 Support Staff

Miss Y Ismail

Miss R Smith

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs A Payne

Miss R Polkinghorne

Year 3 Support Staff

Mrs S Woolley

Mrs C Carroll

Mrs H Chaudhry

Year 4 - Teachers

Mr T Curry

Mrs R De Souza

Ms L Blennerhassett

Year 4 Support Staff

Mrs K Read

Mrs L Barrie

Mrs I Dar

Mrs B Arthur

Year 5 Teachers

Ms Taylor

Miss Elsawy

Mrs. B. Martin

Year 5 Support Staff

Mrs T Phillips

Mrs L Crowe

Mrs T Barry

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Smeulders

Mrs Bellis

Mr A Brownsell

Year 6 Support Staff

Miss R Smith

Mr O Parkinson

Mrs L Hustler

Mrs C Bradley

Teachers of the Deaf

Mrs P Spurr

Mrs N Casey

Music Co-ordinator

Mr T Smith

Speech and Language Support

Mrs C Silva

Sports Co-ordinator

Mr R Kirtley

Support Teachers

Mrs M Abbott

Pupil Premium Support

Mrs M Bellis (PM)

Intervention Support

Mrs C Bradley

Mrs L Crowe

Mrs T Phillips

MFL (French) Teacher

Madame Maybel

HLTA Staff

Mrs C Carroll

Mrs V Hau

Mrs C Bradley

Reception/ Front Office

Mrs M Lawrence - Parent Liaison Officer


Mrs P Christides - Finance Officer

Ms V Rose - Data and Communications Officer

Miss B Reilly - Attendance Officer

Welfare/ Resources

Mrs K Evans

Library/ Resources

Mrs K Read

ICT Technician

Ms C Bromwich

Premises and Income Manager

Mr A Royce

Midday Supervisors

Mr P Shwalbe - SMSA Manager

Mrs S Khan

Mrs S Chouhan

Mrs G Daniel

Mrs F Elmi

Mrs S Khan

Mrs G Litesh

Mrs L Turton

Mrs J Wilce

Mrs J Mohan

Ms J Moy

Nrs R Nuur

Mrs M Parmar

Mrs A Savva

Mrs Y Thakrar

Breakfast Club

Mrs B Arthur

Mrs C Bradley

Mrs A Howard

Mrs K Rivers

Mrs M Lee

After School Club

Mr D Jagdeo

Miss G Flannagan