As the weather is getting colder, all children must bring a coat to school. They should also bring an extra fleece/jumper to wear in school as the windows are open. This can be any colour and should stay in school.
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This weeks spelling words (Week beginning 16/03/2020)


1) phone

2) phonics

3) microphone

4) telephone

5) homophone

6) real

7) reality 

8) realistic

9) unreal

10) realisation


All word this week belong to either the 'phon' family or the 'real' family.



Mr Curry

Times Tables Practice


With Year 4's current focus on times tables it is important to practice a little every day.


Focus on the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables as these are the trickiest to recall quickly.


Use a mix of Times tables Rock starsPurple Mash or any other games/songs to help you remember. There is a link to Purple Mash on the main Year 4 page.


More information about the Year 4 times tables check that will be happening nationally (in June) can be found at the following website.

This website also has a practice test for you to try out!


Keep up the hard work. I have already seen so much improvement!


Mr. Curry  

Say NO to Bullying!

Our class as rock stars on Times Tables Rock Stars day

While exploring pitch in Science we all made pan flutes. (Some of us even learnt a song!)

Our class on the trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum (18/09/19)