School finishes on Friday 19th July at 2pm. Children return to school on Tuesday 3rd September 2019
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Cedars Manor School Cedars Manor school is a happy place where expectations are high and individuals are valued.


Our fantastic reading corner in Fir

Our fantastic reading corner in Fir 1

Fir have been investigating how flowers reproduce and creating cross-sections in other types of media

Fir class designed a range of outfits for a range of different purposes

A class investigation into electrical conductors and insulators

The children created posters about the geocentric and heliocentric solar system models.

Fir class acted out being scientists from the days of old, including guest appearances from Issac Newton and Tusi Couple!

Outdoor air resistance experiment. Great work Fir!

Fir have been learning about Road Safety Week - they discussed the importance of road safety and how we can keep ourselves safe