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History at Cedars Manor

Journey back in time and discover the story of humanity! 



At Cedars Manor School we understand the importance of knowing humanity’s story and how we are connected to the past. We aim to offer a high-quality curriculum that will help pupils understand how the past has shaped and impacted the world today. We want children to think like Historians and investigate the past.     



Our History topics are taught in line with National Curriculum expectations. They were chosen to cover world history, considering the chronology of events. Some topics focus on ancient civilisations, whilst others examine the history of a specific idea or event. History is planned to allow for a clear progression of skills and vocabulary from Reception to Year 6. This lets children build on previous knowledge and skills, strengthening their historical understanding. 

At Cedars Manor we often teach History discreetly alongside Geography. Lessons are planned to engage the children’s curiosity and each is focused around a key question that the children will have discovered the answer to by the end of the session. Historical sources are the heart of the curriculum, and learning is enhanced by trips or visitors. 



At the end of each topic children will have a greater understanding of a period of the past and the impact it has had on us today. Over the course of their time in primary school, they will develop and build on their understanding of the key concepts that are interwoven throughout History. This should help them build a picture of the past, in order to better understand humanities story.


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