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Eco Warriors



Welcome to Cedars Manor School's Eco Warrior Webpage. This page will tell you about our brand new Eco-Warriors and some of the work we are doing. We have just recently appointed our first ever Eco Warriors who are now working hard to encourage the rest of the school to become more eco - friendly

Why do we have Eco-Warriors?


Being an Eco Warrior is an ideal opportunity for our pupils to get more involved in the way our school is run and help us to be more environmentally friendly. It provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made.  Eco Warriors take on the responsibility of expressing their own views, but also the views of their peers as well as passing on information from eco meetings. As an Eco Warrior, pupils have the opportunity to develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation.

Meet your Eco-Warriors


Your Cedars Manor Eco-Warriors are made up of children from Years 4 and 5. They are passionate about making positive changes for our community, the local environment and our planet. 

The Eco-Warriors have taken part in a number of projects this year and are keen to raise awareness of world issues with the school community.


The Eco-Warriors taking part in a climate change workshop. May 2022

  The Eco-Warriors taking part in a climate change workshop. May 2022

What do our Eco Warriors do?


Our Eco Warriors help to care for out school environment: they help others to follow our eco-code, monitor our energy use in the school and encourage teachers and children to recycle. Eco Warriors will take part in discussions and votes and feedback any relevant information to their class. Members will meet regularly with Miss Brice to discuss their ideas.

Cedars Manor Eco-Code

Cedars Manor School Eco Actions

The Eco-Warriors have worked together to audit how eco-friendly Cedars Manor school already is. Three actions were identified as areas to work on this academic year, these are:

1. Biodiversity:

Understand how global warming and climate change is impacting the environment and local animals

2. School grounds:

To improve children's sensory experiences and increase the number of curriculum lessons taught outdoors

3. Litter:

To improve the school and local environment with a focus on reducing litter

How can you help?

Your Eco-Warriors need you!


What do you do to help your planet?

At Cedars Manor School, we are aiming to secure a Green Flag Award to become an ECO SCHOOL.


How can you help us?              RECYCLE FIVE ITEMS 

We can all do our bit towards helping the planet, a small act like household recycling can make a huge difference if we all work together. Here are some best practices for recycling at home which we hope you'll find helpful.

  •  Flatten cardboard
  •  Wash out jars and pop their lids back on
  •  Rinse and squash plastic bottles and pop their lids back on
  •  Did you know you can now recycle soft plastics at most large supermarket stores​?
  •  Please check your local council for more information on recycling in your area​