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Maths at Cedars Manor

Using Mathematics to investigate and solve problems in our world.



 At Cedars Manor School, we understand the importance of developing children’s love of learning. We want our children to be resilient mathematicians and to inspire children to pursue careers in STEM. Mathematics teaches us to make sense of the world around us and gives a foundation to understand the environment we live in. We recognise that the ability to make connections and problem solve is a life skill that allows them to truly investigate their world.



Our Mathematics curriculum has been developed to ensure that every child can achieve in Mathematics through practical experiences, regular fluency practice and through solving problems with the knowledge and skills they have built up over time. We want our children to master Maths through a broad and balanced curriculum and to support our curriculum, we use White Rose Maths. They achieve a deep, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject and are supported with tools to ensure all children reach their goals. Our curriculum uses the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to support our children to master mathematical concepts.


We want to develop aspirational thinkers amongst our children, so we provide them with strategies to be able to develop their Mathematical thinking and the opportunities to apply these strategies to challenging problems. Fluency in Maths is also key to supporting children in developing a rich, deep understanding of Maths and therefore children take part in regular Maths Meetings, away from their lesson, to develop their fluency and enjoyment. 



Every child should leave Cedars Manor School with skills that equip them for life; problem solving and investigative skills that can be transferred to any situation. Mathematics lessons at Cedars Manor will allow the children to appreciate the relevance and power of Maths. They use the knowledge gained here, at school, to navigate the world around them.




Maths Long Term Plan