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Music at Cedars Manor

Open your minds to our musical world, its peoples, its places, its history and cultures. 



At Cedars Manor we aim to offer high-quality Music education for our pupils to inspire a life-long love of music in all its variety. Learning is primarily through the experience of performing a wide variety of music - both singing and playing - and through listening to a wide range of music from different places, historical periods and genres.

Music helps children to be aware of their cultural surroundings in terms of their place in history, not only from a national/international perspective but also in respect of their own family and racial background. It also helps to support children’s development in terms of fine and gross motor skills, language skills, social skills, etc.



At Cedars Manor Music is taught using the Charanga scheme which has been tailored to the English Model Music Curriculum which delivers musical learning in a systematic and progressive way. Topics are revisited regularly to reinforce previous learning and to build greater skills, experience and knowledge.

Music is taught primarily through doing, supported by structured listening.

Class music lessons are supported further by regular singing assemblies, and there are further optional opportunities for musical development such as joining the School Choir or learning a musical instrument.



Through their musical learning children will have a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of the culture in which they live and the cultures in their background and will holistically develop social skills, physical skills, linguistic skills, mathematical skills, etc.

This supports a love of learning as pupils develop an interest and curiosity about our world, its people, places and culture.