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RE at Cedars Manor

Religious Education

Engage with and appreciate different religions and world views



At Cedars Manor we aim to offer a high-quality Religious Education that will help our pupils to develop their knowledge of religions and worldviews and to develop the understanding and skills to engage with them respectfully and actively.  We aim to develop knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity and other world religions that are practised in Harrow, as well as ethical non-theistic worldviews, such as Humanism. We want our pupils to raise challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. We will offer opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development and contribute to a search for meaning and purpose in life.



Our RE topics are aligned with the Harrow Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, which means the children will study all the religions and world views currently practised in Harrow.  RE is planned to allow for a clear progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary from Reception to Year 6. This lets children build on previous knowledge and skills and develop a questioning approach to life.

Topics are focused on a key question that the pupils will have discovered the answer to by the end of the topic.  Pupils are asked to respond to ultimate questions and to ask questions of their own. Activities are planned to engage their different senses, provide times of stillness and quiet reflection, develop their creative talents and foster their imaginations.  Pupils are encouraged to share their own beliefs, ideas and values and to talk about their personal feelings and experiences.  They are given the chance to begin to use a wide range of resources, including various technologies to explore the religions and worldviews which are important in the local community and beyond.  Learning is enhanced by listening to local adherents of religions and worldviews and visits to places of worship.



By the end of each topic, children will have a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of the topic question. This supports a love of learning as pupils engage with and appreciate different religions and world views and develop their own response to the ultimate meaning and purpose of life.